Ayinger Ur-Weisse

For years, the exclusive license to make and sell wheat beer was the monopoly of the Bavarian crown. Rare among beers, those with wheat added to barley are refreshing, delicious and extremely healthful —packed with vitamin c and brewers yeast. Our Ayinger Ur-Weisse is an old-fashioned wheat with some fine roasted malt to give it more color and flavor than golden hefe- weisse. It has an immense crown of lovely foam held proudly above a robe of translucent amber. On the palate, malt and yeast predominate, with a delicious balance of fruit and bread-like yeast. The taste is complex, with suggestions of soft fruit, apple, and, in the finish, perhaps, even cloves. It is a beer that is both beautiful to look at and to serve, in a tall vase-shaped glass. Ur-Weisse may be enjoyed with many foods.

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